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The International Olympic Committee has approved Milano-Cortina to host the Winter Olympics and Paralympics for 2026. The 2026 Winter Olympics will take place from 6 to 22 February, and the Paralympics from 6 to 15 March. Milan will host the opening and closing ceremonies of the Paralympics.


Dolomites Delicious Trail will take place on 24 and 25 September 2021 in Cortina d’Ampezzo. At the mountain refuges along the route, and for the final event held at Pocol al Pala Delicious, the starting point for the competition, you can taste special, extremely delicious dishes, cooked by chefs at the restaurants and refuges involved, belonging to the Cortina Delicious area.


The Mario Rimoldi Museum of Modern Art was opened in 1974, following the donation to the Regole d'Ampezzo from Rosa Braun, widow of Mario Rimoldi, a collector from Cortina d'Ampezzo. The Museum is housed in the building known as Ciasa de ra Regoles, right in the centre of Cortina, on the famous Corso Italia.

to visit

Museum of Modern Art "Mario Rimoldi" – Admire a collection of sculptures and frescos by some of the greatest authors of the Italian twentieth century.

Museum of Paleontology "Rinaldo Zardini" – Featuring an important collection of fossils, remnants of an ancient past.

Ethnographic museum Regole d'Ampezzo – Offering a look into the local history and traditions.

Open-air museum of the Great War – The largest open-air museum of the first wold war. Open all year round.

Cortina City Annual Event

January – The famous Dobbiaco-Cortina race takes place, cross-country skiing over 42 km and 32 km
February – FIS World Ski Championship
March – Winterace, the famous rally of modern and classic cars
June – Lavaredo Ultra Trail, the most famous race of the Dolomites: 120km – 80km – 48km - 20km
July – The Dolomites Gold Cup Race has taken place since 1947. The competition sees classic cars racing through the spectacular Dolomite mountains 
August – Cortina Summer Party- Picnic in Ampezzan-style
August – TedX: Innovators and inspiring people hold thought provoking talks
September – Queen of Taste: local chefs show-off the regional delicacies along Corso Italia
December – Cortina Fashion Weekend